Following the successful launch of another circular economy product, Charlotte and thelittleloop team got in touch with Hex to discuss how to increase the conversion rate on the website.

Succeeding a fully immersive workshop with key stakeholders, we pinpointed the key drivers to help achieve thelittleloop’s objective, outlining a clear strategy which focused on user research and reworking the design and wireframes based on our hypotheses - whilst always remaining true to thelittleloop’s values. The output of a simpler and more visual conversion journey and updated credit system is reflected on the website, allowing users to run through the journey with ease regardless if they are swapping, choosing or returning items.



Desk Research
Strategic Ideation
User Interviews
User Interface
User Experience
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Working with the team at Hex was the perfect balance of innovation, inspiration and common sense. We felt entirely confident that they would deliver an A* design, underpinned by solid research and we weren't disappointed!



Charlotte Morley
Founder of thelittleloop (featured on Dragon's Den)


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