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Getting start-ups started.

HexStart is an application-only accelerator programme for founders, that helps you develop, validate and realise your concept.

We perform like the ultimate co-founder. 

Working with you at a strategic level to validate your idea and maximise potential, we identify the skills gaps in your team and fill them with the required specialists.

Your business-building toolkit
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Human Resources
Business Analysis
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Data Management
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Project Management
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Financial Modelling
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Growth Strategy
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Pitch Development
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Technical Strategy
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Strategic Ideation
Identity Design
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User Experience
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Interface Design
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Investor Relations
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Legal Infrastructure
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Fundraising Consultancy
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Prototype Development

Apply for HexStart

Begin by telling us about you and your business. Eligible founders can take advantage of a free discovery workshop and gap analysis report.

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HexStart founders get funded

We develop investable propositions and achieve fundraising goals because we only work with a small number of founders that we truly believe in.

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Become a HexStart investor

The HexStart programme de-risks investment.

We maximise potential by engaging our senior specialists to explore and stress test propositions from the outset. 

Speak to us and find out what gives HexStart companies the competitive edge. 

Our Service Partners

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