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One app to bring them all (Young American tourists).

The app market is saturated. We were briefed by a brand new consortium to create an AR product that people actually wanted to download. A product that would help re-position heritage to make tourists look beyond London and explore more of England’s historic cities. Following a series of focus groups in New York and extensive desk research with thought leaders, we set out to build an innovative product with human stories at its core.

We employed ARKit in iOS and ARcore for Android to craft engaging and immersive augmented experiences. We collaborated with over 150 regional experts - along with heritage interpretation experts - to build 3D tabletop tours and walk-in portals, alongside a suite of supporting video content to bring these human stories to life, in the augmented world.



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Within an incredibly tight timeframe Hex have delivered an innovative and engaging product that will really help achieve our objective of re-positioning our cities to new audiences. They brought a fantastic blend of creative and technical skill to the project, managing dialogue with a huge number of stakeholders. I am looking forward to future projects.


Nicola Said
Commercial Director, Marketing Cheshire


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