My Road To Wembley sought our help to revamp their underperforming MVP platform which had a fragile codebase in need of some love. Developing core features meant there was a huge opportunity to improve user experience, make the platform more user-friendly and make it investment-ready. We worked closely with the client to develop a plan to improve several aspects of the proposition including the UX of the platform, uplift and implement their refreshed brand guidelines into a comprehensive, fully responsive UI design that met WCAG AA standards and refactor some of the backend to improve performance.

Due to time constraints, we couldn't implement all of our great ideas in the first iteration. Therefore, a significant part of our deliverables was to produce a roadmap for future development. The outcome is a platform geared for future investment complete with a more intuitive navigation system, a streamlined IA, and an enhanced visual design. The product purpose is now from a user and business perspective. We developed new features, such as a badge collection and league table, to gamify the tournament alongside customisable profile pages to support a growing community.



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User Interface Design
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Hex are like a trained attack dog.
Once you set them on a target; they’re relentless in achieving that goal.


Tom Nicholson
Founder, My Road to Wembley

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