The more opinions we can bring to bear on a problem, the more effective our response will be. That’s why we seek out a diverse range of perspectives for every project we work on.

The Power of Many Toolbox™

Human-centric design is driven by what your audience really wants and needs. You are experts in your field, and we are experts in digital, but we need to harness the insight that comes directly from your customers. That's why we developed the Power of Many™ research model, to access insight more widely, and more quickly than other agencies can.

HexAgile vs HexHybrid

Every project starts with a bigger list of unknowns than knowns, and so planning an entire roadmap at the beginning often doesn’t make sense. Our agile approach is designed to accommodate new information, changes in priorities and user feedback at frequent points throughout the project duration. Our HexHybrid approach combines elements of HexAgile with a more traditional waterfall delivery method for projects where timings and deliverables are easily identified from the outset.

Our full service offering


Reading between the 1s and 0s to understand what’s really happening. And why.Then acting on it. Fast.

Animation & live video

Quickening pulses and dropping jaws with cutting-edge motion graphics and end-to-end video production. All under one roof.

IA/UX/UI Design

Talented artists solving human problems with good ideas, mice and smart pens. One pixel at a time.


Top class functional teams creating everything from frontline websites to augmented reality products.


Small scale store builds to fully custom solutions, backed up by 10+ years experience in conversion optimisation.


Rock solid and super quick. Managed hosting with excellent support. 24/7. Custom cloud packages tailored to your requirements.

Influencer outreach

We’ve built up networks across every key sector. And more importantly, we’re committed to authenticity, transparency and accountability.

Performance marketing

Independent management of all organic and biddable activity. We’re a Google partner with a proven track record of excellent results.


Underpins all that we do. From upstream consultancy at board level, through the marketing and comms chain, to everything we produce.

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